Equal Saccharin Packets


In addition to our familiar Equal blue packet, we now offer Equal Saccharin (pink) packets, which use the same sweetening ingredient (saccharin) used in Sweet’N Low®1. Equal Saccharin is perfect for coffee, iced tea, and other drinks.

Try one today!

Each zero-calorie packet quickly dissolves in hot or cold drinks and sweetens like two teaspoons of sugar. You can be assured that our new products will deliver the great taste and quality you expect from Equal.

At Home or Away

Equal Saccharin packets are convenient both in the home or for popping into your bag on the go!  Soon you will be able find Equal Saccharin packets on the table at your favorite restaurants and coffee shops, and at grocery stores. Click on our product locator to see if Equal Saccharin is available at a store near you.


Equal Saccharin packets contain: dextrose with maltodextrin, sodium saccharin, cream of tartar, calcium silicate (anti-caking agent).

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